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How to Find The Right Accountant for you?

Managing a business can be described as an ardours task nowadays. The business world has undergone through a vast change in the past decade, and many companies tend to hire an accountant to manage their business, and the decision has been found to be very helpful in many cases. If you are looking for Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) in Surrey BC, this article will help you to find the same..


Referrals can be described as a good technique to get a good CPA for your business. We suggest our readers ask for referrals from your friends and colleagues and we hope they can provide you with some contact numbers. You will get a few numbers, and you can call them and discuss your requirements. This is a proven way of finding good Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA), and if you are looking for a CPA in Surrey BC, you can try this tip.

Consider Your Requirements

Business needs can vary on the type of business. You have to remember that the CPA can help you to perform a wide range of tasks for your business and hence you have to consider your business requirements at first. Readers are suggested to decide whether they want to manage their tax issues or just willing to hire a professional to get business advice from time to time.

A CPA can help you to fix an issue during an emergency, and you won’t have to rush to the lawyer. If you are looking for Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) in Surrey BC for your business, we will recommend you to make a list of your requirements, and it will help you to find the best professional easily.


The fees of the CPA can vary depending on the duties like many professionals ask for hourly payments.

Nowadays, you can find a number of Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) in Surrey BC, and you have to choose the best one. Remember the cheapest might not be the best all the time and hence you need to consider the fact.


The technological advancement of the 21st century has revolutionized many things at a time, and it can help you to save your money at the same time. If you have any doubts regarding their work, feel free to ask them. Firms like Sabeeh Naseer, Chartered Professional Accountant have been found to be efficient, and if you are looking for Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) in Surrey BC, you can ask about their preference as it will help you to save your money.


The license is important as it ensures their expertise in this field. You can see many accountants who claim to be an expert but work without any licence and also charge cheaper rates for their work. Professional accountants suggest not hiring such people as it can harm your business and cost you.

The guidelines mentioned above are shared by professionals, and it will help you to find the best Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) in Surrey BC. The name of Sabeeh Naseer is recognized as one of the best Chartered Accountant in this region, and if you are searching for the right CPA for your business, you can log on to the website here and check the services in detail.

Hiring an accountant for a business is not a choice anymore, it can be described as a vital decision, and a professional accountant can help you to take important business decisions from time to time. Here, we will discuss 10 key skills of a good accountant. If you are in search of an accountant for your business, this article will help you.


Communication is often termed as a key skill of an accountant, and it plays an important role in the business. An accountant has to work with other people including clients, staff and government agencies.  An accountant has to describe complex issues in the simplest manner, and it can’t be possible without good communication skills.


An accountant has to deal with diverse issues from time to time, and as the business is continuously evolving, creative ideas are important to handle different tasks. If you are looking for an accountant for your business in New Westminster, search for someone who is an expert in offering personalized solutions to meet the financial goal of your organization.


Interest is another vital skill for the accountants, as business owners look for a professional who has an interest in business handlings and it can make a positive contribution to the organization. A professional accountant, who has an interest in taxation, can help you to take vital business decisions more easily.


In general, business owners look for experienced accountants as it will be an added advantage for the company to work with a professional who has prior experience of accounting in other organizations. Prior experience is considered as a key skill for the accountants and readers are suggested to look for experienced professionals rather than the novice ones.


An accountant might have to deal with various types of issue, and he has to be focused in order to understand and get an insight into the potential problem so that you can prevent it. If you are searching for an accountant for your business in New Westminster, this is one of the key skills that you should look for.

Time Management

Good time management skills of an accountant can help you to prevent a potential crisis by managing everything at the right time. Moreover, you can also enhance the productivity of your organization at the same time.


Multitasking is a key skill for the accountants and multi-tasking abilities of the accountant can help you to achieve your financial goals more easily.  

Building trust

Building trust among clients is a good way to achieve organizational goals nowadays. The trust doesn’t come in a day, and an expert accountant can help you to earn the trust of your clients by taking vital business decisions.

Customer centric

Customer centric approach is another key skill for the accountants. A good accountant will be focused towards the clients as if he is working for them and an accountant with a customer-centric approach can boost the productivity of your business in New Westminster.  


Flexibility can help you to tackle different situations in an organization and handle everything smoothly. There is no doubt that flexibility is one of the key skills for accounting and if you are looking for an accountant in New Westminster, you should consider it before hiring a professional for your business.

We hope you have got a basic idea about the key skills of an accountant and it will help you to sort out the right accountant for your business while hiring. If you are looking for an accountant for your business in New Westminster, you can visit us on to  and get more information on the same.

Financial Statements – Key Aspects that Matters

Are you sensing the requirement of preparing financial statements of your business and want professionals to do the task for you? A Company is obliged to prepare financial statement whenever its stakeholders, creditors and potential investors request to do so. A financial statement is a report that highlights all the financial activities and position of a business or individual.

If you are looking for professionals who can prepare the financial statement for your company, then you should learn about the differences between their services and engagements. The article will highlight the key factors and differentiate their services and engagements.

Notice To Reader/Compilation Engagement

If you have hired chartered professional accountant (CPA) to  prepare the financial statement for your company, then they will prepare a report called a “Notice to Reader” that will notify that the financial statements prepared by them are unaudited, and there is no guaranteed that the details of the amount provided by your company are free from considerably misstatements.

In this type of engagement, the accountants prepare financial statements by information provided by their clients or any other concerned person. This means the chartered accountants will not be responsible for any misinformation recorded on the financial statement.

Review Engagement

This engagement is applicable when the stakeholders, creditors like bank or investors request the company to ensure that amounts described within the financial statements are reasonable. Unlike a Notice to Reader, where accountants do not give any assurance on the genuineness of the described amount, in the review engagement, it gives a low level of assurance on the genuineness on the described amount.

In this process, the accountants discuss the matter with the client and perform some analytical procedures. They perform such procedures to ensure that the information given and recorded in the statement is plausible. This engagement type is also known as negative assurance because the level of assurance remains low here.

Audit Engagement

This engagement comes after the review engagement,andprocures performed during the review engagement prepares it. After performing the discussion and analytical procedures, accountants go for a process called substantive procedure. In the substantive procedure, chartered accountants go for an in-depth examination of information and materials that defend the amount described in the financial statements.

In this procedure, the accountant should examine and understand the financial condition and internet controls of the company they are hired. After performing a thorough examination, hired accountants evaluate the information and find the significant deficiency if any. Once the engagement is complete, the chartered accounts or auditors will submit an audit report.

Here, the level of assurance is much higher than other types of engagements. In this engagement, the financial statement prepared by CPA, are free of material misstatement. An audit report is also a part this engagement that highlights the details of the company’s internal controls along with other significant findings.

Benefits of the Financial Statement Analysis

For some business owners, the task of preparing a financial statement is a complex and time-consuming process,and that is why they outsource the task to the professional accountants. The financial statement says a lot of things about a company including its financial conditions.

In general, company prepare financial statements once in a year,but such statements can be furnished on the monthly or quarterly basis on the request of stakeholders, creditors or investors. The financial statement can highlight your total current assets. Such a report can help you to ensure your financial capabilities to handle upcoming challenges. They determine profit margins, track inventory, calculate debt to equity and many other things.

These are some of the important aspects of financial statement you should know before hiring a professional accountant to get your job done. Thus, know the differences between the services and ask your accountant to work on the best accounting practice that can provide you with an error-free report on the financial condition of your business.

Speak to an adviser

As you can see, there are many factors to consider in selecting the appropriate level of assurance.  We with be happy to speak with you about the right choice for your company.